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This is [WAM]

[WAM] stands for WArrington Music and is a brand new multi platform Website/Blog with a non partisan look at all the Bands & Original Artists in the town of Warrington.

I am someone that has been a fan of music, both in and out of Warrington, I have seen many things come and go, also seen how perhaps the "scene" has got a little lost along the way. One of the biggest problems has always been Warrington being seen as the little cousin of the likes of Manchester & Liverpool, even see many bands who are from the town refer to themselves as Manchester bands etc.

But with the likes of Feeder, Beady Eye coming to town and a once again, a successful Warrington Music Festival, things are getting better, and with at least two Warrington bands getting signed this year, the futures bright!

[WAM] will involve bands and artists from across the area and will have contributions from Photographers, Writers, Graphic Designers and many that have that same passion, including the humble gig goer!

As previously mentioned, [WAM], is a multi platform Website/Blog. In short that means that [WAM] will feature a Facebook page and website which will have sections about Bands, Venues and other points of interest.

It will also be an opportunity for bands to promote upcoming shows & releases.
The aim is to make it into a useful port of call when finding out what's going on at the weekend, who is doing well and in many cases, who ARE the bands in Warrington.

That is not all, we will be featuring reviews of live shows/releases, interviews, producing videos featuring bands from Warrington, promoting shows (in future) and distributing songs through [WAM].

We are currently looking for bands to submit short Bios (with genre, hi res image & link, no more than 200 words), and bands to be filmed acoustically in coming weeks. [WAM] are still looking for photographers, reviewers, venues, companies to get on board to share this vision. Get in touch!

Many thanks

[WAM] Founder -